Monday Movie Music Moment

Fewf – how’s that for an alliteration? Well, everybody – you’re well aware it’s Monday. That often means for some early week blues, a morning punctuated with yawns and coffee re-fills, and getting made fun of for already wanting to plan your next weekend. So let’s see if we can relieve the Monday tension, (hopefully) put a smile on your face, and even better –  make your toe tap. Here’s a movie music moment that goes down in history as one of the best film entrances ever made: John Cryer, (who we now all know as the man who’s fortunately no longer one of two [or a half] men alongside the crazed Charlie Sheen) as a 1986 teenager named Duckie, who like the rest of America that year – just wanted Molly Ringwald’s attention. Sit back and enjoy the famous Pretty in Pink performance of without a doubt one of my favourite songs of all time – “Try A Little Tendernessby Otis Redding. Take  it away, Duckie.

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