Monday Movie Music Moment

It’s only natural that all humans beings have short (some longer than others) moments of feeling rather sorry for yourself. Whether it’s a series of short unfortunate events, a long day followed by stepping in dog business and losing your keys, missing your bus, or more substantial reasons to be infinitely down in the dumps – we all know what it’s like to have those “can’t catch a break” spells. If we’re smart, however, we’ll gather a little perspective, turn the situation around and latch on to that tiny silver lining. But before we get to that cup-half-full point, I know you can relate to those slumped on couch, stiff drink in hand, sappy-music-appropriate life moments – the ones that we want to let happen in an attempt to soak in our own funk.

A movie that flawlessly puts that notion into motion is Bridget Jones Diary. A classic novel turned film that details the life of Jones (Renée Zellweger), a mid-30s single girl who seems to have terrible luck in the dating department and therefore decides to kick her bad male, health and social habits by starting a detailed diary – beginning with the epitomical moment of feeling totally destitute in her lonely singledom. (I have to say, the funny thing about my most recent Bridget Jones viewing experience was watching it in the wee hours of the morning with my four fellow nuts, Baileys on ice in hand – and feeling absolutely anything but lonely. Quite the opposite, in fact.)

Anyway, back on point. So – the film starts with Bridget being rudely rejected by Colin Firth’s character after an awkward attempted set-up by their nosy parents at a Christmas gathering. The encounter with Firth is clearly set up as that defining moment or catalyst for change, in which Jones realizes her new direction as a singleton and decides to start her infamous diary. But, naturally, before she fully commits to her new single ways – which includes nixing bad men from her dating diet, limiting cigarettes and booze and seeking a social re-education – a scene like this happens, perfectly exemplifying that downhearted (mildly pathetic) state we can all sympathize with. Watch, love and learn – whether you’ll admit it or not, there’s been a moment in which this song hilariously chimed into your head as a soundtrack to your bad day.

Bridget – we love you.

(Apologies for the less-than-great video – you can watch a clearer version here)


  1. aleodor says:

    I love Bridget Jones Diary. I think i watched it at least 5 times! Great article!

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