Monday Movie Music Moment

Although during the final scene of Lost in Translation we’ll never know exactly what it is that Bill Murray says to a teary Scarlett Johansson to calm her ambivalent woes – we do know that the kickdrum of “Just Like Honey” by the Jesus and Mary Chain calms ours as well. A critically-acclaimed 2003 Sofia Coppola film of which the plot can best be described best by its title, Lost in Translation follows Murray (an unhappy washed-up actor) and Johansson (a bored young bride) as they meet unexpectedly in a Tokyo hotel bar, before partaking in the exploration of Tokyo together. Although both characters originally seem confused as to why they agreed to travel there, an indirect romance and unbreakable friendship is birthed from their mutually-shared desire to find meaning in their dull and unsatisfying lives, and they nurse each other into leaving the country feeling a little less lost. This scene, which is shared with the Jesus and Mary Chain classic, perfectly represents the two finding a sort of peace in their respective situations – even if it means everything goes back to the way it was, and they never see each other again. Listen for that kickdrum, accept that you can’t understand what Bill whispers to Scarlett, and just soak in the shiny shoegaze rock.  Watch, and love:

*Spoiler alert: It is the closing scene, so if you want to pick it up on DVD for yourself – go no further!
*Italian alert: The only embeddable version of this video is in Italian, but luckily there isn’t much talking, and we’re more highlighting the music choice. If you want to see the English version, you’ll have to visit YouTube. Ciao!

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