And the winner is…

Forty mo’s later … multiple texts, emails, status updates … hours of pouring over pictures of staches, from the impressive to the horrendous … scouring social media hourly… checking and re-checking the stats … and finally, ladies and gentleman, we have a winner.

Drum roll please.

Voted the mo’ the MOst people were nuts over …. Congratulations to:


Liam impressed the pants off of us (well in truth, Jess never wears pants) when he enlisted the help of his girlfriend, friends and family to blow up social media with our campaign. He received an impressive 46 extra bonus points and captured 31 % of the vote. We could not be more pleased to be donating $200 to such a deserving contestant. Well done!

Liam said he’d wanted to get involved with the Movember effort for a few years before joining a team with 20 of his coworkers, this year.

“It’s such a great cause and it’s a subject people won’t really talk about, so it’s just great to be raising awareness.”

With a few donations still trickling in (including ours) Liam’s MoTeam raised between $3000 – $3500 dollars.

“I wanted to do my part, so when I saw your contest I thought it was the perfect way to increase my total and contribute to the team.”

Liam got a late start on the contest and only started growin’ his mo on Nov. 4. A man of his word, he says the razors were not out this morning and he’s continuing to sport his sturdy ‘stache until Dec. 4.

His girlfriend, Eve-Marie, who has been a big help in promoting his campaign, has flip flopped on whether she approves of his furry friend, says Liam. Apparently, she is waiting until the 4th to make her final judgement call on whether his ‘stache should stay for the season. 

When asked if he’ll participate again in the future, Liam says he believes he will. “Well, it keeps your lip warm and with our Canadian winters being so cold, I might just have to!”

Once again, congratulations to Liam & your team of supporters. A donation of $200 will be made to your MoSpace this afternoon, courtesy of your five favourite nuts.

Honourable mentions:

Erik Tamm gave a valiant effort and had us counting votes down to the wire, in a close race with Liam! Among all of his Movember efforts, it impressed us most when he created a Twitter account for the sole purpose of following @inanutshellca

Kodie Dorey should be proud of his third place standing. We must admit, his ‘mo got the biggest buzz from the outset, coming out with an early lead in the contest. We hope he chronicled his growing efforts to inspire the masses next year; we like your style!

On a personal note, inanutshell decided to support this cause for many reasons. We all have dads, uncles, grandfathers, boyfriends and friends who we care about deeply, and to us, that is something worth raising money for. We also admire the founders of Movember for inspiring thousands of young people to get so involved in a charitable project. As Movember has grown (literally, grown) over the years, it’s warmed our hearts to see our best buds sportin’ a mo, raising awareness, funds, and lending their time and face to a worthy cause.  

From all the girls at inanutshell, I’d like to give a sincere and heartfelt thank you to all participants and voters. This was our first attempt at launching a contest and it exceeded our expectations in every way. The outpouring of love and support we’ve had over the last week, has been incredible and is only pushing us to be even more creative in the future. Expect big things from the ‘shell in 2012 and keep your eyes peeled for another Christmas give away.

One last, big round of applause for Liam Bordeleau and for all the brave souls who took part in the Movember MOvement.

In a nutshell, we salute you.

Wanna know who’s mo’ was who’s?

Thank you to all of the following 40 good sports:

1 – Aaron Deanes  2 – Alex Sirois  3 – Blake Brooks  4 – Brad Evans  5 – Carlos Chacon  6 – Chris McLennan  7 – Cruz Chiappa  8 – David Proulx  9 – George Perry  10 – Grayson McDiarmand  11 – Mike Hons  12 – Cory Fowler  13 – Jackson Snell  14 – Jerod Hutchings  15 – Jesse McCrae  16 – Jon Hicks  17 – Justin Murray  18 – Justin Wong  19 – Anthony McLachlan  20 – Liban Hassan  21 – Luke Broomfield  22 – Maninder Virk  23 – Matt Cimon  24 – Patrick Asselin  25 – Pete Galbraith  26 – Ryan Anthony  27 – Steve Benson  28 – Troy Lajambe  29 – Vince Francica  30 – Kodie Dorey  31 – Cole Derochie   32 – Kenn Waring  33 – Stefano Mion  34 – Erik Tamm  35 – Scott MacDonald  36 – Wells Baker  37 – Jordan Stitt  38 – Liam Bordeleau  39 – Chris Weatherhead  40 – Kirby Barber


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