When Life gives you Lemons

Following Blue Monday, this week has continued to go from blue to a dismal grey. Yesterday, the streets and sidewalks blended into one another as the dirt-trodden snow slowly turned from a pure white powder to sludge. Yesterday morning, I was so disheartened by the weather that I simply did NOT want to get out of the toasty warm bed I was enveloped in. I finally put on my leopard print slippers and slinked into the living room which appeared to be equally as dull as the scene outside my windowsill. This simply will not do, I thought. If I’m going to stay inside my house to escape the weather, I need to be inspired and get my day going with a punch. So I braved the outdoors for a quick 20 minutes, nipped out to the grocery store and picked up some Gerber daisies (my absolute favourite flower) and some lemons to take on a project that caught my eye on Pinterest . . . Happy Hump Day nuts, let the simple things in life brighten your day!