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Wedding Talk: Asking my Maids of Honour

The minute you begin wedding research, you discover that nuptial information is certainly not in short supply these days. Type something in and you are greeted with no less than one million interpretations, ideas, comments, words of advice, tips and tricks, DIYs, and the list goes on. Planning starts with announcements, timing, venue research, and most fun of all, inviting your wedding party to take part.

After the dust had settled on our beautiful Ireland engagement, I knew the first exciting part of this journey was to ask those special girls to stand by me through it all. While I could barely contain my eagerness to include them, I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to do something special, which alas, takes time and preparation. After resisting so many opportunities to buy pre-made Bridesmaid kits and monogrammed wedding paraphernalia on all those eye-catching websites, I decided DIY was the way to go, to achieve what it was I really wanted.

They say each component leading up to your wedding should reflect how you want the day itself to look and feel. This can be quite challenging so early on in the planning phase, but I stuck to neutral colours that felt right and kept things elegantly rustic, as we’ve come to call our “theme”.

Here’s what I started with:


Craft Supplies:

– Craft paper and card stock in neutrals from DeSerres in all shapes and sizes (to play around with)

– Stencils, paint, sponges

– Small décor items like ribbon, stick-on pearls, tissue paper, etc.

– Boxes to house everything that can also be used later for all things wedding related (important to make sure everything will fit! i.e. champagne bottle)


– Vintage-looking confetti I bought in Dublin, cutout from love poems and songs

– Truffles from Momofuku Milk Bar

– Mini Moet champagne bottles

– Mini white leather notebooks

First, I channeled my inner 5 year old and got downright messy. Thank goodness I had purchased extra paper to allow for all the mistakes I ended up making :| The stencil portion of the task took the most time, and I dragged it out over a few days to make sure everything had ample time to dry.


I started by stamping “MOH” on the cover of the white leather notebooks to make them a little more custom…


Once I had two clean “Maid of Honour?” cards, I affixed them to card stock and decorated them with stick-on pearls. Finally, I stuck them to the underside of each box lid. I also stencilled the girl in question’s name on each box lid with a “Be My…” which you’ll see in the following images.


Then came the fun part…assembly! I added a pop of colour with the tissue and put everything in its place. I could have gone nuts and included way more items, but I was happy with the end result and had to keep reminding myself that this was only the beginning!



I assembled the boxes with a white material and ribbon, et voila!


And…the best part of all…the presentation!

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 12.36.06 PM


This was such a fun activity to kick off wedding planning, and I’m so glad I took the time to make it extra special for each of us. Stay tuned for more “Wedding Talk” on the ‘shell in weeks/months to come! And, if you’re feeling extra curious, follow along using #KPMOH on Instagram!


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