Tiny Holiday Touches

Easy Holiday Tips, Decorating on a Budget, Christmas in a Condo, Green Holiday Ideas… these are all standard headlines that you’ll likely see plastered across home magazine covers and websites while the holiday season unfolds. I’ll reiterate shamelessly that one of the lovely things about In A Nutshell and what we choose to write is that, as the people behind our headlines, story ideas and experiments – we really live what we write. We give many things a whirl for ourselves, each other and you; sometimes we fail, sometimes we thrive and sometimes we just get to say we tried it on for size. In the case of holiday lifestyle articles like those mentioned above, we really are the young folk lacking disposable incomes, wanting to keep things simple, and maintaining cozy nooks in the city – all while still deserving (and wanting) to relish in every second of the heartwarming holiday season.

As a gal on the go who doesn’t want to drop a silly amount of cash on tasteful decorations but who’s also born the week of Christmas (and am therefore innately predisposed to having a weird obsession with all things holiday) – when the temperatures dropped, I decided it was time to deck the halls. So without investing a wad of cash and time into said hall and without the result being an over-the-top red, green, cluttered and aggressive arrangement – I set out to pursue little items here and there that would complete a subtle yet dreamy winter setting. Minimalistic additions to the living room in the form of sparkly hits of silver, “frosted” decorations, mismatched and misshaped Christmas items and lots of light were what I decided on. Less than $50 later (if you’re starting from scratch with your purchases, that’s peanuts), I ended up with what I feel is a non-chalante, inviting and classy Christmas feel.

If you live in a small condo or apartment, the best thing to do is insert tiny hints of the holidays into your existing arrangement. Without upheaving your furniture or hanging swinging ornaments and gaudy garland from every surface, try:

  • Adding an offbeat reindeer figurine to a stack of artsy books
  • Filling an elegant silver pitcher with winter greenery or trendy dishes with unfussy ornaments
  • Even just adding those few extra white candles to surfaces in your main room will do the trick
  • Lay some lanky strands of birch tree branch along your mantle with sporadic bits of garland or holly
  • Scour your flea market or local thrift store for a porcelain St. Nick figurine
  • Spray paint pine cones gold and silver
  • Simply provide the “warm” option to your main room – a massive white knit throw, huggable patterned couch pillows or a trendy tea set and tray on the coffee table – these hints will remind your guests your heavenly home is the cure to their winter woes!

There really are endless store-bought and low-cost ways to show guests you’re ready for the season, which means there are consequently no excuses for not participating in the winter wonder. I promise that without having to drain your savings and spend a night in Tacky Tinsel Town you, like us, can fully partake in the most wonderful time of the year…in a nutshell.

Here’s what I’ve done to my 1-bedroom abode. Although combined it looks like quite a bit – when spread out all over my space, it’s the most subtle holiday feel: 


  1. Dee says:

    Very tasteful little bits of festive holiday cheer, helps to offset the bustling days ahead!!!!

  2. Jess Huddleston says:

    Thanks Dee! Decorating for Christmas takes a little work, of course – but then it’s totally worth it when you get to enjoy your festive home! :)

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