The spice is right

I haven’t formally announced some exciting news into the blogosphere yet, although I’m sure many of our regular followers know: I bought a house! It was a huge step, and while it came at the peak of my quarter-life crisis and scared me in a lot of ways, so far, I’m loving it. We took possession on September 1 and its been a crazy 3 weeks of cleaning, painting and unpacking.

While I’m no stranger to moving (I’ve moved 7 times in the past 10 years), this was definitely the hardest I’ve ever encountered. While it’s always a blast to set up new furniture and unpack and organize, it becomes much more daunting when you have three floors versus three rooms to deal with. Plus, there’s the task of merging (and purging) all of Shaun’s things with my own. We had 4 potato mashers. I couldn’t deal…

Three weeks in, we’re feeling a lot more confident now that every room is functional. Sure we have a list of a million things we want to do to the place. And yes, some moments I get overwhelmed thinking of all my Pinterest boards and the lack of time I have to execute the projects I’ve pinned. But, I’ve come to realize that everything will come together in time. Considering we’re planning to spend the next 5, 10, 20+ years (maybe) in this place, I can pick the projects I really want to do and slowly tick things off my list.

So, where did I start? Well, I obviously wanted a really cute and organized pantry. One of our number one nutshell supporters, Kelly, did a pantry re-organization for her home and it turned out SO well.

Mason Jar Kitchen

She used chalkboard spray paint to cover the sealed part of the mason jar lids and labeled the jars herself. This is a simple solution for de-cluttering our kitchen cupboards. You can see exactly how much of each ingredient you have left and they look so pretty.

I was planning to do the same thing for my spices, because I was tired of our boring spice rack and awkwardly unpacked pantry cupboard. I had originally planned on using the same jars as Kelly did for my spices, and holding them in a drawer so I could easily read the tops. But, we don’t have room for a spice drawer (first world problems). Instead, I turned to Ikea and bought some tilted spice jars. With a sharpie and some patience, I labeled everything and lined them up.

Labeled Spices

Spice Cupboard

I used the jars for my commonly used spices but left my gourmet spices in their own containers. I also organized my baking items (one million cupcake liners and toppers, food colouring, etc.) into larger glass jars so I can see exactly what I have. It feels SO much better to see everything in its place. While I still plan to use chalkboard paint to label my larger jars, I’m happy I went  this route for the spices.

I still have a million projects ahead, but I’m excited to be able to share them with you as I venture into the realm of home-ownership. In a nutshell, I’m  glad that you’re all along for the ride.

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