Spring Home Decor

Spruce up your Space for Spring!

For anyone who loves home décor, the changing of seasons offers an amazing opportunity to switch things up and refresh the rooms in your place. For fall and winter, I love incorporating deep colours and cozy textures into my accent pieces, but as we move into spring and summer, I’m looking for opportunities to be surrounded by bright colours and light, breezy fabrics. Below are some suggestions for giving your place a seasonal face lift.


Nothing screams spring like lighter blankets and bright patterns. No longer do we need our down-filled duvets. Instead, you can opt for breathable cotton sheets and a lighter comforter as we move closer towards the days of +30 temperatures. (It almost doesn’t seem possible after the winter we had, but trust me – it’s coming!) Opt for bedding that is pretty and inviting: think bright colours, floral patterns and soft, luxurious textures.

Spring Bedding 2

Left: Ikea. Right: Bed, Bath and Beyond
Seasonal Prints

I love the idea of hanging some simple frames and changing out the prints to match the season. Coming into winter, you can find prints that have holiday sayings, but for spring and summer the world is really your oyster. You can generally find prints online of just about anything, but Chapters currently has some lovely options that I have my eye on.


All prints available at Chapters.

Fresh Flowers

Nothing screams spring like fresh flowers! Throughout the year, I keep artificial flowers in many of the rooms in my home. But, in the spring and summer I am definitely a sucker for fresh floral arrangements. While I do try to limit the amount I spend on fresh flowers, there really is nothing better than a brightly coloured arrangement to perk up your room. Depending on your location, you can find a local florist or flower market in your area that are guaranteed to have everything you’re looking for. Pro tip: flowers are a lovely hostess gift! While bringing a bottle of wine is always a good option, flowers are a welcome change!

Floral arrangement

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