Peaks of the Week



Another week, another peak!


Meghan spent most of her long weekend doing…nothing! After a few crazy busy weeks at work, travelling on the weekends and coming down with a case of the sniffles, a few days spent relaxing with these two were just what the doctor ordered.


kate peakThis week Kate brought a few friends from the sea along to date night. Shucking oysters by the bay with bae, was definitely the highlight of her week. Date night didn’t stop there, though.  Kate also visited the Glebe’s newest eatery, The Rowan. Stay tuned for a review!

cat peak 1


There’s nothing quite like the endorphins you get from a really great workout. Our friends at The Dailey Method Ottawa have recently introduced interval cardio classes to the regular schedule, and Catherine is loving them. Challenging and super sweaty, they’re just what her exercise routine was looking for. Expect a blog post from her (complete with lots more awesome photos!) coming soon.



The nuts also spent some quality time together this week. Banter and property battles took place over a monopoly board, all in good fun of course (but not really though, we took property owning to the next level)…



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