Packing Checklist for a Long Flight

I’m off to Ireland tomorrow and in anticipation of my next adventure, I’ve outlined all the items I consider essential to a stress-free and – dare I say – blissful overnight flight.


No matter what, it’s important to keep things compact. The worst thing is to arrive at your destination with a sore back or shoulder from lugging your carry-on all day. Bring a large shoulder bag, but don’t overpack it with a million things. Keep it simple, and plan ahead.

Part 1

Energy bar: Sometimes those in-flight snacks just don’t do the trick. A CLIF Bar (particularly in Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch) will satisfy any craving. And, if you’re nearing the end of your flight, it will prepare you for the next leg of your travel.

Tissues: Always handy. Good for cleaning surfaces, wiping up messes and avoiding those stiff paper napkins.

Travel Book: If you’re traveling for leisure, your flight is that first non-hectic moment when you can finally sit back and get excited for the trip ahead (unless you have kids, in which case, I feel like this list is not for you) so don’t make the mistake of packing the travel book in your checked bag.

Novel: Best way for time to fly is by engrossing yourself in a novel that will have you on the edge of your seat (any of Gillian Flynn’s stories will do just that.)

iPad: If you can avoid bringing a heavy laptop, replace it with an iPad and enjoy a much lighter travel experience. While you’re at it, download my absolute favourite app, Next Issue, and subscribe to 141 magazines for $14.99/month. It saves me so much money and I read way more interesting magazines as a result, plus the interactive features are amazing.

Earbuds: Don’t get caught buying those horrible airline earbuds.

Gum: This is a necessity for me no matter the length of the flight. It’s my go-to solution for easing popped ears.

Mints: A good thing to have, especially if your seat neighbour needs a little hint ;) Also, good to have for the rest of the trip!


Part 2

Advil/Melatonin: Pack a little pill box with your go-to cures. A friend of mine recommended I try Melatonin to help with the jet lag. It’s natural and helps to re-set the body’s sleep-wake cycle. Found at any drug store.

Toothpaste/toothbrush: If it’s longer than a 5 hour flight, this will be necessary either once arrived at the airport or just before landing.

Argan Oil: This Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil is a multi-purpose miracle product. It can be used to moisturize hands and body, but also to treat split ends and cuticles, or as a bath oil. It can be your little spa retreat mid-flight and/or mid-vacation. Available at Sephora.

Moisturizer: This will be essential throughout the trip and is a little less fussy to apply than the oil.

Mini Mascara: For a quick re-apply prior to landing.

Lip Balm: This Fresh lip balm gives the lips a little colour while moisturizing. Bonus: It has SPF for the rest of the trip.

Hair Elastics: You’ll probably want that hair up after 7 hours of lying on it.

Small Pouch: Bring this to store some of your jewellery during the flight. It may start to bother you and you don’t want to throw it in a big bag and have it get lost.

Part 3

Scarf: One thing you cannot forget is a scarf. It’s always cold onboard and it can also double as a pillow if need be.

Zip-up sweater: Again, it can get cold and you never know what type of climate is awaiting you upon landing. Zip-ups also make it easy to take on and off.

Warm socks: If you’re wearing sandals, this is key to an enjoyable flight for additional warmth and cozyness.

Sunglasses: For before and after.

Et voila! Anything on your list that I didn’t include? Let us know in the comments!

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    Looking good Cakes! Wishing you stellar memory studded days filled with great adventure & laughter! But…mind the sheep ;) Mom xox

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