Ottawa’s Newest Fitness Trend: Dailey Interval

“Continuous exercise can produce short-term euphoria, an affective state associated with feelings of profound contentment, elation, and well-being.”

In other words, when your heart is pumping, your heart is happy.

Enter: The Dailey Method’s interval classes. barre

You’ve heard the In a Nutshell ladies gush about The Dailey Method (TDM) before, but I can’t help think that the timing of this post is nearly perfect.

Writing this following a Thanksgiving weekend filled with reflection on what we’re grateful for, I think I speak for all of us when I say finding TDM is high on the list.

For the past year (almost!) we have been planking, lifting, stretching and toning along with a supportive, kind and caring community.

To recap …

A traditional Barre class is an isometric workout focusing on core conditioning and muscle strengthening. During a Dailey Barre class (or Bailey Basics—for beginners), you’ll target specific muscle groups working them to exhaustion before stretching them out immediately afterwards. The combination leaves you with stronger, leaner muscles. In other words, it leaves you looking TONED.

(… can you understand why we love this workout yet?)

But, cardio is not a big component to the traditional Barre classes. Your heart likely won’t race, you typically won’t feel out of breath and your sweat level will not reach obscene (hopefully).barre fitness

Dailey Interval

This summer, TDM Ottawa introduced Dailey Interval classes and ladies and gentlemen, the game has officially changed.

Dailey Interval is a faster paced, 45-minute Dailey Method class that combines periods of high and low intensity movement for optimal cardiovascular results. 

Set to fast-paced, feel-good music, instructors will guide you through exercises that will elevate your heart rate, before bringing it back down through an active recovery exercise. Instead of targeting specific muscles, your entire body is working in each exercise, moving quickly in a large range of motion.barre fitnessbarre fitnessbarre fitnessbarre fitnessbarre fitnessbarre fitness

I won’t lie, interval classes are a battle. It wasn’t until my third attempt that I felt like I really had a handle on how to manoeuvre the challenging class.

But, the hard work is worth it. You leave feeling amazing and the changes in your body are noticeable.

The “c” word: cardio

Most of us “Dailey Devotees” would complement our Barre classes with a method of cardio of our choice. Kate ran outside, Meghan hit the cardio machines at the gym, and I mixed in circuit training. But now, through the introduction of interval classes, Dailey is really all you need—a one-stop shop for a varied, well-rounded workout.

The two classes work together to boost your overall metabolism. For optimal results, TDM recommends a 2:1 ratio (two Dailey Barre classes for every one Dailey Interval class).barre fitnessbarre fitness

To compare the two:

Dailey Interval: improves aerobic capacity promoting cardiovascular health

Dailey Barre: Increases muscle density and strength

Dailey Interval: Increases calorie burn (an average of 500 calories a class)

Dailey Barre: Improves posture, alignment and joint stability

Dailey Interval: Incorporates large range of motion exercises that are crucial to working the body in a functional way

Dailey Barre: Provides your body with the muscle mass needed to improve overall metabolism   barre fitnessbarre fitness

Drip & Sip

And if that isn’t enough to convince you, “#livingaDaileylife” is all about balance. After Monday’s 7 p.m. interval class, the whole gang heads over to 107 Fourth Avenue Wine Bar for a post-workout treat. Drip & Sip represents my entire philosophy on wellness: everything in moderation.fourth avenue wine bar

I think that’s why we’ve all come to find TDM Ottawa is our home base for fitness. It sounds cliché to say, but it’s so much more than a place to go workout.

It’s a place to catch up with friends, to challenge yourself, take in a workshop, learn about your body, do social good and do good for yourself.

It’s a fun workout you’ll actually look forward to.

My advice: try it. I guarantee you’ll see what we’re talking about.


The Dailey Method Ottawa is located in the Fifth Avenue Court in The Glebe. To see the class schedule click here.yoga pose exulted warrior


Because of the fast paced nature and advanced alignment cuing in the Dailey Interval classes, it is recommended that students complete 20 Dailey Basics or Dailey Barre classes prior to taking Dailey Interval.

New students can buy a one-month unlimited membership for $79 + tax.

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