Hey There, Halifax

You’ve heard me talk about why I love Toronto, Seattle and New York before, and it goes without saying that we insert a weekly dose of Ottawa love into this blog, but there was one part of this great country I’ve never had the chance of exploring: the east coast.

I am now at the age when any and all of my spare dollars are being spent on my friend’s upcoming weddings, bachelorettes, bridal showers and (really, they’re not far off) babies, so the chance to spend some quality time in Halifax presented itself in the form of a New Year’s Eve wedding for one of my closest journalism school friends.

Now, I was told many times that visiting Halifax in winter is not ideal. Visiting without a car, even less ideal, prohibiting visits to Peggy’s Cove and the like. Visiting at Christmastime, when most of the tourist attractions are closed, the least ideal.

That said, I fell for the beautiful simplicity of the east coast. Instead of adhering to a packed sight-seeing schedule, we just … chilled.

We ate great (sea) food, strolled and made friends with a local brewery, returning twice to sample their brews during our short stay.

Below, a collection of photos that don’t really do Halifax, Nova Scotia justice, but definitely serve as inspiration to go back.


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  1. Great pics :) Love my home!!! xoxo

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