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Gift Guide: For Pets & People Who Love Their Pets

Raise your hand if you’re addicted to your pets. *puts both hands in the air and waves them frantically*

We all have those friends who treat their animals like children. I am one of them and have no shame about it. I mean look at these two…

Jasper Photo

Winston Photo

Needless to say, the obsession I feel is common among animal lovers and pet owners. So what should you pick up for your beloved cat and dog this Christmas? What about your friend who would rather spend time at home with their pet than out and about? Look no further. This gift guide has something for all of our feline, canine and animal obsessed human friends!

1. Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain ($126)

I had to start with this fountain because my pets absolutely love it. We were gifted this fountain by our friends at Petsafe, and while I had originally thought we might only keep it out during the summer, our babes spend so much time lapping up water from it, that I couldn’t bear to unplug it. It definitely encourages them to drink more water than a regular water dish and keeps it cool and clean even if we’re gone all day.

Jasper Drinking


Gift Guide Cats

2. Toys “R” Us Laser Cat Toy ($6)

Cats chasing lasers. The best 20 minutes you’ll ever spend.

3. Funkitty Egg-Cersizer ($12)

Cats love batting around normal balls, but when there’s some treats inside they get crazy. This toy promotes exercise and can keep them entertained for long stretches.

4. Martha Stewart Pets Peppermint  Holiday Cat Toy ($11)

While this should promote your cat to run through the tunnel over and over again, my cat just enjoys napping inside his tunnel and batting at the hanging ball occasionally. Still, he seems to enjoy spending time in there.


Gift Guide Dogs

5. Chuckit! Ball Launcher Dog Toy ($11-16)

This will definitely take your game of fetch to the next level. You can easily throw the ball farther (which means more running for your pup) and it leaves your hands slobber-free!

6. Muttluks Dog Boots ($46-56)

Desgined and made in Canada, Muttluks can be worn all year round, but are used widely throughout the winter to protect your dog’s paws from ice, snow and salt. The difference between these boots and other brands is that these pull on and off (no velcro straps), stay on well and the soft leather sole is easier for dogs to walk in than boots with a hard sole.

7. Premier Busy Buddy Twist n’ Treat ($8-15)

I love giving Winston toys that make him work. This toy allows you to put treats inside the toy that only release as your dog figures out the correct way to flip the toy over. You can adjust the difficulty level to make it really easy or especially tricky. Personally, I put kibble in the toy rather than treats.


8. BarkSocks: Corgi Paw ($8)

These socks would make the perfect stocking stuffer or White Elephant gift exchange present! Cute and so fun, these socks are sure to make any dog lover laugh.

Barkbox Corgi Socks

9. Riot Society PAWS Tee ($24)

Because cat memes are the best and now you can walk around with one on your chest.

PAWS shirt

10. The 365 Puppies-A-Year Wall Calendar (14)

I have the 2015 version (who’s surprised) and every month my whole team at work comes to my office on the 1st to check out the cute little pups of the month.

Puppy Calendar

11. Black & White Cat Mug Set ($38)

If you give this gift to someone they will gain notoriety at work for having the best mugs in the office.

Cat Mugs

12. Matching HBC Collection Sweaters (Dog $35, Women’s $165)

You know how they say dogs resemble their owners? This takes it one step further and would actually be the cutest thing ever!

HBC Dog Sweater

HBC Collection Women's Sweater

Special thanks to Vanessa Hill from Ladies with Lenses for the photos of my furbabies, Jasper and Winston, at the top of this post! 

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