Ponchos; for rain and fashion, as experienced at Field Trip 2016.

Festival Bag Essentials

Ponchos; for rain and fashion, as experienced at Field Trip 2016.

RBC Bluesfest 2016 officially kicks off in two days. We’ve been taking in the sights and sounds of this festival for years and this year will be no different (with the exception that we can’t attend the first few days of shows, thanks to a little thing we like to call our best friend’s wedding!!). Nevertheless, we will be attending week two of the festival with bells on. And we want to make sure that you’re properly equipped to make the most of your festival experience. Here’s what we recommend stocking in your festival bag.


Festival Bag

1. The Bag Itself

With backpacks being a huge trend right now, you can definitely give yourself some extra space by picking up a cute mini-backpack for the festival. Otherwise, I would definitely recommend a satchel with a shoulder strap. And no matter what bag you bring, make sure it has a zipper. You definitely don’t want to loose your belongings while jamming out to your favourite act. That would be a HUGE bummer.

2. SPF!

Even if you are hoping for sun-kissed summer skin, SPF is a MUST. Take it from the alabaster girl writing this post who has suffered her fair share of sunburns; you don’t want one. RBC Bluesfest has a Chill Zone that offers some shade, but otherwise, the sun will be relentless. Remember to re-apply regularly!

3. Lip Gloss (with SPF)

Don’t neglect your lips! Since you’ll be outside in the heat, it’s likely that your lips will feel dry. I love Baby Lips because they have a built in SPF 20, but you would never know it. Plus, the clear variety goes on well overtop of your favourite lipstick.

4. Kleenex

If the port-a-pottie is out of toilet paper, you will be singing my praises. You’re welcome in advance.

5. Purell

Sometimes the hand-washing stations are not the best. With a travel-sized Purell you can santize your hands on the go.

6. Phone (Duh)

As if you would leave the house without your phone… But seriously, having your phone on you is such an important part of the festival experience. While I do NOT encourage filming the entire concert, (seriously, are you really going to look at 1.5 hours of that show 6 months later?) I do recommend taking pictures, snapchats and using the many apps we’ve previously featured that can Better your Bluesfest Experience.

7. Extra Battery

Because sometimes the battery life just isn’t enough to get you through a whole day of shows, a backup battery pack is definitely a worthwhile investment for a festival and for life in general. RBC Bluesfest does have charging stations on site as well, but if you can have your own backup at your fingertips, it’s even better.

8. Poncho

You can pick them up at the dollar store and they will save your life. Ottawa summers are known for quick downpours thanks to the humidity. Save yourself the hassle of being damp for the rest of the day by folding one of these puppies into your bag.

9. Travel Hairbrush/Compact

Honestly, the number of times people have been thrilled because I carry a mini hairbrush is infinte. This version folds into the size of a compact, has a brush, mirror and a compartment to fit three elastics. Perfect for if you get caught in the rain (sans poncho) or if you’re too hot to keep your hair down while you rock out.

10. Mini Perfume

It’s going to be +30 degrees for most of the festival. Let’s face it, you’re going to sweat. A travel sized perfume or body spray will refresh you and keep you smelling great throughout the day. Nobody wants to be the smelly friend. I love Sephora because they often feature mini perfumes as their free samples with online orders, which are perfect for these purposes.

11. Sunglasses

You will need sunglasses, I promise you. I highly encourage you to channel your inner Coachella and pick a pair of sunnies that you wouldn’t normally consider. Festivals are the time to have fun with your fashion, so make sure your bag is packed with an exciting pair.

12. Bandaids

Whether it’s you or someone you’re with, someone will endure a cut/scrape or, more likely, a blister at one point or another. Bandaids are just good to have on hand always because they can save you from so many ailments. Of course, you can always find the first aid tent, but what if you need it on your way to/from the festival? We’ve got you.

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