Partaking in the Patio at Joey Lansdowne

For Ottawans, there is literally nothing better after enduring a long, harsh winter than enjoying the warm summer weather on a patio…with a great drink in hand. Last night, I was lucky enough to attend the patio launch party at the new Joey Lansdowne. We’ve mentioned this new restaurant before, urging you to check it out over the long weekend a little while back. After last night, our recommendation stands strong and we are sure to be regulars this summer.

At the launch of their new patio, we were treated to a first-class experience. The service was fantastic, the drinks were refreshing and the food was delicious. With a few different stations set up to show off their impressive cocktails, we ended up sampling their sangria and their specialty summer cocktail: the blueberry mojito. With fresh, muddled blueberries, the mojito is something I can envision sipping on many more times this summer.

In addition, we were treated to some bite-size samples of their menu items, including a lobster grilled cheese (to-die for), pesto shrimp flatbread, sliders royal and a made-to-order ice cream sandwich. Check out some pictures from last night’s patio party below.


**Special thanks to Joey Lansdowne for inviting us to your launch! We’ll see you again soon!

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