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Ottawa has finally seen its first inkling of a Montreal-style bistro. Humming with good vibrations, Town has managed to cup its hand around the coal of “trendy” and amalgamates it with decadent food, fine service and a spicy wine list.

Can you tell that this will be a rave review?

Town is located in the heart of the golden triangle and stretches back along a narrow  piece of real estate which enormously lends to that wonderful cosmopolitan vibe. It is tiny and cozy, not to mention the place is always packed.The service is wonderfully attentive without being invasive and the servers know their sh*t.

On to the food.

Well, I couldn’t have been happier. Tuna tartare with truffle oil? Yes please. Beef Carpaggio? Bring it on. Ricotta stuffed meatballs? Err, not something I would usually order on a menu but folks, this dish is beautiful. You can practically cut the meatballs with a straw. The wine list was also perfectly suited to a restaurant of this caliber. Many of the eye catching bottles were also offered by the glass- a must in a small plates establishment. Did I mention that not only do they offer an array of small plates for the variety-nosher, but also a good selection of hearty entrees as well.

It seems like Town has it all, at least enough to keep this foodie happy and going back for more.


296 Elgin St.


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