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Brunch Club: Friends with Benedicts

It’s a well-known fact that Brunch is the best meal going.

Breakfast? For suckers. Lunch? For punks. Dinner? Forget about it.

Brunch is that sweet spot, where a breakfast sandwich can be served with a side of home fries or french fries. Mind. Blown.


So, what is Brunch Club you ask? It’s whatever you want it to be, with a side of bacon.

But, sadly, I cannot hold claim to Brunch Club. I noticed the concept to be alive and well during a sojourn in New York City, not too long ago…

I was cruising around the Lower East Side, on a Saturday afternoon, when I noticed it: everyone was crushing mimosas and bloody marys. I’m talking pitchers of champagne and OJ on every other table, in every other establishment. Eggs over-easy were flying out of kitchen windows. Strangers were being introduced to strangers.  Everything was a decibel too loud.

And everyone was having a damned good time.



By 5 pm, things hadn’t slowed and it became clear to me that it was high time to bring “Brunch Club” to Ottawa.

So, this Saturday, be sure to wrangle your friends with benedicts, ‘cause I’m not waffling you: the next installation of Brunch Club is going down … and everyone’s invited.


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