5 Wines to serve with the bird

Today, on the day before Christmas, you’re likely experiencing one  of two scenarios. . .

1) Relaxing at home, by the fire, with some bailey’s on ice and adding those few extra details to the gifts that are wrapped under the tree. Maybe you’re writing a few Christmas cards that await on the kitchen table. Or perhaps, you’re catching up with Mom while she bustles over the stove top.

OR, the more likely scenario goes a little something like this:

2) You woke up a little later than you’d hoped and eventually you make your way through Christmas Eve traffic to the closest mall, frantically searching for that gift for your impossible-to-shop-for uncle. You’re rummaging through the remains of Christmas wrapping paper at the Bay and by the time you get home, you realize you’ve forgotten to pick up a card for your mom . .  and your dad. You finally settle in at home, after a long day of frantic cutting, taping and wrapping and realize. . . . You have absolutely nothing to drink with the turkey dinner tomorrow night.

Never fear, the nutshell is here with 5 wines that will be delicious with a turkey dinner and here’s the best part: all 5 wines are under $20. I feel for you if you are now about to endure the LCBO lineups, but hey – at least you have a guide to get you through it.

1) Muga Rose 2010 is my #1 pick to pair with the bird this holiday season.  With hints of red cherry and grapefruit, this rose is fresh, crisp and will do wonders with a side of cranberry sauce. Price point: $12.95

Muga Rose 2010

2)Fielding Estate Pinot Gris 2008 is a bit on the sweeter side of things. Prepare yourself for the unusual (yet beautiful) nose of banana. Try this out with the turkey and some root vegetables like parsnip or sweet potatoes. Price point: $13.95

Fielding Estate Pinot Gris 2008

 3) Loimer Trocken Gruner Veltliner 2009 is fresh, spicy and full of stone fruit flavour like peach and apricot. Again, slightly on the sweet side but still, totally delicious. And, if you don’t get to it this year, the wine will still be good until 2014. Price point: $18.95

Loimer Trocken Gruner Veltliner 2009

4)Kim Crawford Pinot Noir 2008 is your best bet if you’re set on a red this holiday season. Unlike most Pinot Noir, where you end up smelling and tasting earthy, herbaceous notes, Kim Crawford’s Pinot is subtle and velvety with rich red fruit. Aside from the Muga, this wine is a great match for a turkey dinner and a cozy night in with loved ones. Price point:$19.95

Kim Crawford Pinot Noir 2008

 5) Finishing off the list, we have a Rosewood Estate Riesling 2006.
Riesling, more often than not, can be pin pointed for its great acidity (always critical in wine, especially whites). Because of this factor, #5 on our list of wines will be lovely with the darker, tougher meat of the gobbler. Price point: $17.95

Rosewood Riesling 2006

So there you have it. Good luck beating the lines, enjoy some fabulous wines and, in a nutshell, Merry Christmas to all!
** Check in tomorrow for a Christmas video from the girls of inanutshell.ca. **

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