Gift Guide: For the Fitness Fanatic

Everybody knows somebody who belongs to the #fitfam.

It’s your friend that continually astonishes you with their ability to wake up at an ungodly hour, make a protein shake and get in a “quick” morning workout. It’s your smug coworker who changes into their gym clothes at lunch, and casually adjusts their earbud as you’re eating an assortment of the office’s baked goods. Or maybe it’s your sister, a mother of three, who kicks it in cardio class four times a week, or your 60-year-old Dad who listens to the Rocky soundtrack as he jogs around the neighbourhood in an all-grey sweat suit.

Those people, they’ll love this post.

Just kidding. We nuts love our workouts & try to eat as healthy as possible (read: salads for lunch and wine for dinner). If you’ve been around this blog before, you’ll know we’re completely obsessed with The Dailey Method, and many of the items listed below are on our own wish lists.

So for the fitness fan in your life—whether they’re a runner, yogi, CrossFitter or member of the barre squad—these items will not only be a welcome addition to Christmas morning, but will get A LOT of use.


Daub & Design ($40-$100)

You know how much in a nutshell loves supporting Canadian brands, and Daub & Design Apparel is one of our favourites. Leggings, shorts, bralettes and more are available in the most fantastically beautiful tie-dye patterns you can find. Give the gift of Daub & Design and you’ll be making sure your loved one is the best dressed attendee in any fitness class. (Available locally @ The Dailey Method, Fifth Avenue Court in The Glebe)daub_LElavparadiselegging_front_1024x1024

Lululemon … obviously. ($48-100)

This tiny Canadian brand, that most probably haven’t heard of (har har), is known for its durable and stylish clothing. With stores in every major Canadian city AND a huge selection to chose from, the options are endless. I am constantly getting compliments on my “Wild Tank”, which I got last Christmas, because of it’s sassy low back. Remember though, Lululemon is not just for the ladies, I know men who are continually decked out in Lulu from head to toe (seriously, they’re underwear is apparently phenom!)LW1I80S_018410_1


S’well waterbottle ($36-$56)

It’s impossible to get your “swell” on without being properly hydrated. The coveted S’well bottle is a perfect gift because at its price point (I mean, for a water bottle), it’s not something you’d typically buy for yourself. These beautifully crafted bottles keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. Plus, S’well does a lot for the environment and communities around the world, which you can read about here.17oz_TurquoiseBlue-800x800

Rogue Camo Tote ($221.37)

Rogue Fitness is a company best known for their involvement in the CrossFit world. This Camo Tote, however, is not only trendy, but incredibly durable AND unisex. No matter what class you’re heading to, you’ll look like a bad ass with this on your arm. On a personal note, my own amazing gym bag goes on my list of all-time best Christmas gifts—if not only because I’ve used it for years almost every day!



Fitbit ($70-$300)

The Fitbit could probably win accessory of the year, as it has become just as common to see it adorning someone’s wrist than a typical watch! The beauty of this gift? It’s perfect for the intense gym rats, but also great for people who just want to monitor their overall health and make sure they’re getting the minimum amount of movement into their day.simple.b-cssdisabled-png.hdfb1e43d0b1a45bb7247e6d361e4d026

Nutritional Scale ($50- $100)

For someone whose New Year’s resolution includes a strict meal plan, a digital scale will help take them to the next level. Experts are constantly saying that quantity is just as important as quality when it comes to eating habits, so enable your sweetheart to #goalcrush after the holidays. One of our favourite, local kitchen supply stores, C.A. Paradis, has a variety of nutritional scales on hand.1039-115NS


Fitset pass ($99/month)

We’ve already profiled Fitset on the blog, but this pass allows members to try a myriad of different workouts from different studios around the city. Available in Ottawa, members can try a new workout every day, or visit each partner studio up to three times per month. This is great for someone who is trying to carve out a new fitness regime and might want to try a few different spots before settling on a favourite!

image via sheknows.com

image via sheknows.com

Massage ($60-$150)

My girlfriends must know me well or something, because they gave me the perfect gift for my birthday this year: a massage. While this amazing gift can extend to any one in your life, regardless of their workout habits, it is a welcome delight for any one who puts their body through their paces. For anyone belonging to the elite sports community, think about Active Release Treatment (ART), We recommend Sarah Whiston Massage Therapy in the Glebe.

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