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Subject: Ottawa’s Fashion Offenders

Hey, Nation’s Capital…way to go. We are now being considered, “the town that fashion forgot”. On Friday, social media lit up with the circulation of an article written by Kristy Nease of the Ottawa Citizen, which reflected on the latest MSN ranking list – the least fashionable cities. Ottawa, being the hub of the federal government, has been ranked the 8th worst dressed city in North America. We considered boring, with lackluster nightlife (although, we nuts would argue wholeheartedly that OUR nightlife is bumping) and lackluster clothing to go along with it.

Given that I work in a government office and live in the business sector, I feel that I am often exposed to the fashion disasters that have gotten us this ranking. And so, this week’s Pet Peeve takes aim at those who must not own mirrors…

**Disclaimer: I in no way think I am fashion savvy, but my work attire is both appropriate and colourful at work. That’s really all they’re asking for.

The “I Forgot Half My Outfit” Employee:

Back in the day, I wore skirts to school constantly. It’s no secret that I was called to the principal’s office one or twice (or ten times) because it was too short. In hindsight, my skirt was totally inappropriate. But I was 15 and didn’t know any better. To the 40 year old women who wear skirts that barely contain their lady business – YOU DON’T HAVE THAT EXCUSE. Not only do you look unprofessional (unless somehow your cubicle moonlights as a strip club) but you make it super awkward when you bend down to change the paper in the photocopier.

Men, you aren’t off the hook. Cargo shorts that sit 5 inches above the knee are NOT work-appropriate. Nor are the Hawaiian shirts from your vacation 10 years ago. If your belly makes your buttons pop, it’s probably a shirt that shouldn’t see the light of day, let along the fluorescent light of my office building. Finally, please stop wearing short sleeve dress shirts – it makes you look like Dilbert.

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The “Lazy-Bones”:

The article comments, “I’m not sure what it is or where and how it happened, but there are a lot of people who think its casual Friday every day”. This is SO true. I’m not sure why dress codes are ignored, but a large number of people turn up to work in ridiculously casual outfits. I’m not talking about toeing the line by wearing jeans and a cardigan on a Thursday – I’m talking straight up sweat pants on a Tuesday. Seriously, Wal-Mart called and they want their B.U.M. equipment sweats back.

NOT legit. (Image via Google)

So, people of Ottawa (and Gatineau). We’re not asking for much here. If you could throw on a pair of slacks and a decent shirt (maybe throw some colour in there) maybe we’d start climbing the ranks. Let’s face it, maybe we’ll always be the slightly boring, conservative and awkward cousin of Montreal and Toronto. But, maybe if we put a teeny bit more effort, we’ll slide happily into obscurity and rank at number 11 next year. Anything to get us out of the top ten…in a nutshell.

*Read the full Ottawa Citizen Article here.

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    So true, ottawa is terribly dressed.

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