Friday’s Fashion Fix

According to me, day one of a new month doesn’t really count. Its more a grace period for each of us to organize ourselves accordingly; flip a new page of the calendar, send in our monthly reports at work, and discuss at length how quickly the previous month has passed. To me, today is really the day where we all come to terms with the fact that MARCH is upon us, and dear old Feb is long gone.
A fresh month often brings with it a look to what’s ahead…what seemed like a far away event, is now, suddenly, next weekend. I think we can all agree that after a drab Winter of chilly weather and little to show for it, March 20th is something to look VERY forward to it. The only season that brings thoughts of florals, pastels, trench coats and anything that will (finally) show a bit of skin – is our dear friend Spring. However, there’s no need to begin a countdown just yet. We can still relish in this transition time, as Winter quietly says farewell and Spring slowly peaks out in the form of puddles, blossoms and patches of green. Rid your routine of the pairings you’ve made all Winter, and dust off your brights to spice things up. Every store window and magazine editoral is screaming for COLOUR, so why not bring that to fruition a few weeks before Spring’s true inauguration?

Milly Paige Mini Skirt
Topshop Knitted Turtleneck
Sabine Jagged Hoop Earring
Asos Buckle Ankle Boot
Hue Mini Squares Tights

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