Friday’s Fashion Fix

We’ve heard it time and time again…winter forces our floral, colorful, bold items to hibernation, releasing those drab and dull pieces that do nothing for us but keep us warm. Rather than bringing out your summer pieces and reinventing them with layering, I think it’s more worthwhile to look at colour combinations that satisfy the yearning for rejuvenation while keeping you season-appropriate. Seeking out a warm coat in a fresh hue will breathe new life into your day-to-day routine, and reaching for a bright pant will offer your chunky sweaters a fun, new playmate.
Grey is a go-to in cold months, but pairing it with denim or black is way too expected. Add a soft pink to your look, and maybe even a touch of silver. Winter wardrobe made fresh indeed.
An icy blue shade for winter is so ideal. Add to that your deepest purple and you’ve got yourself a lovely pairing. Green has been absolutely everywhere this season, especially that dark evergreen that us Canadians know so well. Spice things up with a pop of pink mixed with neutrals and you’re head-to-toe in winter color blocking.
Next time you’re feeling colourful, grab two shades of bright rather than one, mix and match tones and textures, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes; all this for a look that says the winter blues don’t exist in my worldin a nutshell.

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