Friday’s Fashion Fix

I often find that no matter how many magazines and blogs I’ve browsed, best friends are the greatest form of style inspiration. I would be lying if I said I had never copied a trick any one of my friends have sported, whether it’s a hairstyle, the way they’ve paired patterns or even just a risk I know they’ve taken, instantly inspiring me to do the same. I also can’t help but save almost every photo I see of groups of girls looking effortlessly stylish with their best group of gal pals. Oddly enough, I’m writing this post on July 30th and I’ve scheduled it for September 30th (I know blogs should be current, but this topic will never go out of style). Anyway, right about now I’m backpacking somewhere in Europe and I’m undoubtedly missing my fellow nuts who are tirelessly keeping this blog running while I galavant. Girls, I miss you so much! This post is for you (aren’t they all?), your styles are so diverse and interesting, and they inspire me every single day. Love you xo

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