Friday’s Fashion Fix

Winter weather can grab ahold of your mood very easily, and it often affects the way we dress. The sun only sticks around for a few hours each day and the low hanging clouds make daytime seem much more like bedtime. For all those readers out there who would rather stand out than blend in, take inspiration from your favorite desk accessory – the highlighter – and brighten up the streets with your best electric pieces. Neon is a huge trend for Spring 2012, but who’s to say this movement can’t make an appearance a few months early? Editors, bloggers and fashion followers alike are sporting the trend this winter, and there’s no one stopping you from doing the same. With a jolt of color in your wardrobe, the winter blues will have no chance of affecting you, and that pep in your step will last all winter long (provided your booties are comfortable enough!)

Duplicate the neon trend with any of these beauties: 1 2 3 4

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  1. Great Blog and the colours are shocking, talk about eye openers. I you wear any of them colours out there is no chance you can get lost, you can you can be found way off and forget hiding, thats out of the question……

  2. Such great coats, I love that winter is becoming more colourful

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