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Fall-to-Winter Closet Checklist

If you haven’t heard by now readers, I recently broke my leg. And with it being a bad break, I’ve been confined to the couch for the past three weeks. While breaking one’s leg is never fun, the worst part about it is that I’m missing out on my favourite season! Normally, I LOVE everything about autumn. And I especially love fall fashion. Unfortunately, my cast is not the must-have fall accessory I was hoping for.

On the upside, a lot of my time has been freed up (mostly because I am NOT good on crutches, and choose to move as little as possible). And with free time, has come a lot of fantasy on-line shopping. Until I win the lottery and can buy everything I want with no financial ramifications, I have to pick and choose which items are actually crucial to complete my seasonable wardrobe.

I surveyed the other nuts to find out what their most trustworthy fall-to-winter pieces were, and have come up with a basic check-list to get your wardrobe in tip-top shape as we move into the cooler months.

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Now that you’ve seen the check-list, let’s break it down.


In the cooler months, as Kaylee mentioned before, layering is your friend. Not only is it a great look, but it will also keep you toasty warm. On this check-list you’ll find some staples for casual looks and work-wothy ensembles. Pair a classic oxford shirt and cardigan for the office and a striped long sleeve with an open-front cardigan vest on the weekends. And if you feel like channeling Jess, look for a great knit with elbow patches; très chique and a touch traditional!



When it comes to pants, jeans are always a staple, no matter the season. But as the temperature falls, so do hemlines. Find some skinny and boot cut jeans to take you through the season. And make sure to take a page out of Kaylee’s book and have some great wool dress pants for the office. For a night out?  Invest in some black cigarette pants. And leggings paired with an oversized sweater screams fall/winter. Find a textured pair if you don’t feel like turning to cotton.



Fall and winter mark the Holiday season and with it comes many different Holiday parties. During this season, it’s always important to have a Little Black Dress (LBD) on reserve. For a cocktail party or special night out, follow in Kate’s footsteps and invest in a gorgeous pleated skirt. Finally, round out the category with a classic pencil skirt and a comfy sweater dress. Make sure to stock up on tights and nylons!



While some of our open-toe heels may have to be stored for a while, a whole new realm of footwear opens up for fall and winter. Catherine swears by a few different boots for fall: heeled ankle booties and flat combat boots. Mix in a pair of riding-inspired tall, flat boots and a waterproof heeled boot and you’ve got everything you need to keep your toes happy for the next few months.



Before it gets too cold, denim and leather jackets are great options. Both can be dressed up or down and are definitely on trend right now. Once the weather gets a tad cooler, it’s time to turn to wool. There’s nothing like a classic wool pea-coat and picking one in a bold colour will make you feel bright even when it’s dark and cold as we come into winter!



Scarves are definitely the holy grail of fall/winter accessories. Not only do they keep you warm, but they can instantly pull together an outfit. Knit infinity scarves and printed scarves are key. For those cool trips to and from work, you’ll want a nice pair of leather gloves and a knit headband that won’t ruin your hair. A skinny belt can be worn as part of a layering look, over your cardigans to accentuate your waste and bring a pop of colour or pattern to your outfit. Finally, as mentioned before, stock up on a variety of tights in assorted patterns and colours.


What’s on YOUR fall must-have list? Let us know in the comments below!

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