DIY: Nuts for Nuts!

Around here, we’re always looking for new trends to try, and new projects to take on. This weekend, I embarked on a task that embodied both of those mandates. If you remember, not too long ago, my fellow nut, Kate, introduced us to Litter, a jewelry company whose concept was all about re-using and recycling old pieces. Inspired,  I decided to try out a DIY project that I’d seen on pinterest: home-made jewelry, using left over nuts (how fitting!!!).

There are many ways to incorporate nuts into your jewelry, but here’s a glance into how I created my new nutty bracelet…

Easily available at any hardware and home store, I opted for 1/4 inch nuts as I was going for a chunky look.

1. Take two long pieces of string, and tie them together, with a loop at the top.

 2. Take pieces 1 & 2 and attach a nut to both. Pull to the top of the string.

3. Repeat with pieces 3 & 4.
4. When both are in line, cross pieces 2 & 3 and repeat.

Keep repeating these steps until your bracelet is the length that you desire. Tie a knot at the end and leave some extra string to make a fastener for the loop at the top. Et voila! An interesting and inexpensive approach to making your own jewelry!

Word to the wise: Don’t try to photograph your DIY project with your cat in the room.

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  1. Khristine says:

    I love your DIY instruction! This is by far the clearest and simplest instruction that I’ve ever read! I am definitely going to try this and I’m going to stop by my hardware store and buy me some hex nuts ;)

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