JT, we miss thee!

Today is bittersweet day here on in a nutshell. We are paying tribute to our dear friend and one of in a nutshell’s biggest supporters, Jenn Tod, on her 24th Birthday. Why is it bittersweet? Well, as excited we are to celebrate Jenn in all her glory, we all can’t help but be a little bit sad because we can’t be together. If you remember, last summer, our fearless friend jetted off on an amazing adventure to work for Cambodia’s Human Rights Commission. As her work there came to a close, Jenn continued to explore the globe and while she will be arriving on Canadian soil soon, she will be returning to her home in Calgary, rather than Toronto or Ottawa. For a girl who always makes time for her friends, sending us love from whatever corner of the globe she occupies, we are sending that love straight back today! We are SO proud of our adventurous friend, and are counting down the days until we can be reunited! Happy Birthday Jenn, we love you!


In one word, Jenn is: Animated.

You’ll never find Jenn: Not having explored at leeeast one fabulous place in a year..if not about 3. All on different continents.

My favourite day with Jenn was: When she lived in her flannel snowman pajamas for an entire weekend at my cottage… Munching on cookies, sipping tall cans and passing out at the dinner table.

My favourite night with Jenn was: There are way too many favourites that make the hall of fame but the one that most impacted me was the night we met. When she sat on my lap at a kegger and we did what we do best.. Judge. The rest is history.

I would build Jenn: A teleportation device so that no bodies of water could separate us, and she could instantly appear at each of our reunions, having just flown from Asia, England, Calgary …wherever she happens to be living that year.

One of Jenn’s best lines ever was: There are so many. But my favourite thing Jenn says doesn’t involve words at all. It’s all of those facial expressions that I’ve come to fully understand and adore. They each mean something different, and usually have to do with how ridiculous someone in her proximity is being.

In 5 years, you’ll find Jenn: Pursuing her dreams as always… Never second guessing any of her worldly, spontaneous decisions. Always keeping in touch with her immense group of friends, constantly making each of us fall over laughing… And surely still telling tall tales of her daily tribulations, travel adventures and pet peeves.


In one word, Jenn is: Inspiring.

You’ll never find Jenn: Without an ear to lend, a shoulder to lean on, and passionate advice or opinions about any problem that her friends are having.

My favourite day with Jenn was: The full day (and night…rather, WHOLE weekend) that Jenn spent living in her snowman pyjamas. While the rest of us switched from PJs to sweatpants for our adventures outdoors, Jenn’s loyalty to her snowmen was unbroken, even when forced to complete an ice “on your knees, in the snow!”

My favourite night with Jenn was: Either meeting up in London the one night we were both across the pond by chance OR Halloween a  few years back when Jenn had no costume as of 6 p.m. but by 9 p.m. was the best Munchkin anyone had ever seen. Her hilarious Munchkin dance kept me in stitches all night. What’s even better is that she carried an oversized lollipop all night and as the evening progressed, we devoured it in between shots of tequila. There is no better chaser, than a ridiculous lollipop.

I would build Jenn: some sort of teleportation device, that way, wherever her travels and adventures take her, at the flip of the switch she could come home to me!

One of Jenn’s best lines ever was: “It’ll FIT!” In reference to the overstuffed trunk on the way up to Kaylee’s cottage. (Which obviously set me up for a perfect ‘that’s what she said’… #dreamteam)

In 5 years, you’ll find Jenn: Doing something important. I know that sounds corny, but this girl is so passionate that I know that she’ll be doing something that will matter to the world. Whether it’s working for an NGO, or something else, she’ll be blazing her own trail and going after her dreams. I have no doubt that a strapping young man will be on her arm, who is so lucky to have met a girl who’s fiercly loyal and caring. If this said 10 years, I wouldn’t doubt that Pax Tod would also be in the equation, but I’m not rushing you girl. Finally, no matter where in the world she is living at that time, I know she’ll be planning our next reunion, with stories in her head and tequila in her hand.



In one word, Jenn is: Brave.

You’ll never find Jenn: Out of touch with what’s going on in the world, holding a siamese cat, coddling a stranger’s baby, not sticking up for or having time for her friends, or not ready for an adventure of any scale or size.

My favourite day with Jenn was: Either the day we all spent at the cottage when she didn’t change from her snowman pajamas, sat on my lap for our entire criminal drive down the road to Ada’s, looking back at me periodically to check if I was still breathing. Or, the amazing days we spent walking around, stopping in shops and then sitting outside my house for hours on end because we didn’t want to part ways.

My favourite night with Jenn was: Frolicking and pouncing around to Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros at Bluesfest, so obsessed with the summer sunset and each other. Or any marathon red wine night in my apartment – I so, so miss those.

I would build Jenn: Her own private jet, of which I would obviously be the pilot, where she could adventure off to change the world at the drop of a hat. This girl has big things coming to her – so I clearly need to be in the cockpit and serving her martinis/snacks (Ryan Reynolds, the shirtless co-pilot, will then take over) while she’s on her way to do them.

One of Jenn’s best lines ever was: “I randomly stop and examine most Cambodian children to evaluate whether or not they have Pax Tod potential.”

In 5 years, you’ll find Jenn: Hard to say. One of the best parts about this little travel bug is I don’t know where you’ll find her. Although I selfishly want her around all the time, she has wonderfully embraced the world as her backyard and doesn’t have a single inhibition about it! I think she’ll be happily living in a foreign country with a kind and intelligent man who shares her passion for making a difference, and they’ll be doing just that. And accepting plenty of visitors who come bearing tequila. :)

Annimated wine nights.


In one word, Jenn is: Adventurous.

You’ll never find Jenn: Unwilling to lend an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on and words of encouragement for her best friends.

My favourite day with Jenn was: The day at Kaylee’s cottage when Jenn refused to wear anything but her snowman pajamas. She got iced in her snowman pjs and drank it in her snowman pjs. . . and kneeled. . . in the snow. . . in her snowman pjs.

My favourite night with Jenn was: The night we scampered through the shoe garden, ended up in a water fountain and proceeded to take over the stage of pier 21.

I would build Jenn: a personal jet for her jet setting ways, equipped with a staff all dressed as munchkins from munchkin land and a never ending supply of ceasar cocktails made with clamato, tobasco and, of course, pickle juice.

One of Jenn’s best lines ever was: “I think it will fit” – RE: stuffing her trunk full before leaving for Kaylee’s cottage.

In 5 years, you’ll find Jenn: Working hard for an NGO, following her dreams and traveling  around the world, inspiring those around her with her intelligence and intuition.

Performing for their dedicated fans.


In one word, Jenn is: Kind-hearted.

You’ll never find Jenn: Not going up to bat for her friends. She’s selfless and loyal, and you can count on her for anything.

My favourite day with Jenn was: at Kaylee’s cottage when we actively schemed on Catherine’s vulnerable, drunken state to place random objects on her head. And boardgames. And icing (On your knees. In the snow). And drinking and driving. :| Shambles.

My favourite night with Jenn was: In MTL at Meg/Kays bday extravaganza when we were quite possibly the drunken English humans in french territory and were dancing on tables and being hilarious.

I would build Jenn: a Map the size of an entire wall in her house to the mark all the fabulous places she’s travelled. And specifically with markers of her 6 BFFs faces residing in CAN so she’ll never forget where she can find Tequila!

One of Jenn’s best lines ever was: On the way to MTL… “She wrote Hahaha and BBM auto corrected it to: Haitians”. We were never the same.

In 5 years, you’ll find Jenn: At the head of the UN saving the world. Taking care of little Haitian babies and being the cutest little humanitarian. All the while still making time for her GFs and inviting us to do worldly things with her.

So much table dancing.


In one word, Jenn is: Adventurous.

You’ll never find Jenn: Doing something that isn’t insanely exciting.

My favourite day with Jenn was: “The bicycle day”. Just me, Jenn and our bikes. Touring the city, getting soaked, showing up late, eating pizza, trekking single file and without knowing it seriously preparing her for the deadly streets of Cambodia.

My favourite night with Jenn was: Our blackout night in Calgary. Started off harmless and escalated quickly. Next thing you know we’re waking up – me in all my clothes, her in all her makeup at 5 am and panicking I won’t make my 6 am flight. On the way to the airport we find my bag of goodies that I bought without knowing it. $80 worth of shot glasses, two cowboy hats and one really ugly shirt later, it is still one of my most hilarious wake ups of all time (and I’ve had a few).

I would build Jenn: A private jet so she could continue to travel the world but make it home to her best girls for a reunion or two, important weekend, birthday, special event or anytime she needed a glass of wine or heart to heart with the girrrrls.

One of Jenn’s best lines ever was: “I’m allergic to potato chips. Her too. We’re sisters.” Blink. Blink.

In 5 years, you’ll find Jenn: In London or someplace even more exotic. She’ll be leading the charge on an intense human rights campaign, with a man who challenges her on one arm and baby Pax Tod in the other. She’ll be giving someone who deserves it a “Jenn look” and taking a mental note to tell her girls back home, who cheer her on everyday, exactly why they did.

Allergic to Chips.

And so, JT, we wish you the Happiest Birthday and the safest travels! Come home to us soon because we can’t wait to celebrate with you in person! xo


  1. Kevin Kitts says:

    A great friendship post.
    Holy, that girl is wearing snowman pajamas at the Calgary Stampede, Batman!
    Everyone loves Jenn………………..Happy Birthday!

  2. Dee says:

    To the brave adventurous sweetheart ~ may your special day make you as happy as you have made your friends. Happy Birthday from Montreal!

  3. Jenn says:

    Thank you all so much for this. I miss you all so much and can’t wait for another snowman pyjama filled reunion – whenever that may be! Love you.xo

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