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Do You Ever Get Tired of Documenting Your Life?

The reason I write my music blog is because I genuinely love sharing music. It isn’t necessarily to build a persona for myself (although it has helped grow my career in […]


Ink Nation: What’s behind the tattoo obsession?

These times… they are a changin’. Whether you receive a handshake, wish you could pull up a teenager’s jeans or have learned that summer sandals expose your seemingly conservative co-worker […]

The Art of Being Busy

Let me paint you a little picture. You’re chatting with a girlfriend, jumping from tall tale to hot goss seamlessly as you do, and she mentions a recent dentist appointment, or a Tweet she giggled at last week, or even a new vintage store she stumbled upon last Saturday while out for stroll. Depending on …

The Bad Kind of Mind-Blowing

Do you find yourself contemplating a single moment for days on end? Rehearsing a split second remark, choice of words or glance over and over again? Don’t you wish you […]

Happy 1 Month Anniversary, Nuts.

This moment reminds me of those first few weeks in a new relationship, when every landmark seems so epic and worthy of celebration. After several years in my relationship, I […]