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Festival Life: Piecing together Coachella 2013

Well the season has officially begun. What season you ask? Music festival season! Two weekends of Coachella went off in the 100-degree heat of Palm Desert, California. The 14th annual […]


Summer Loving These

Happy Hump Day! In order to get us over the mound and into weekend bliss – two days that may or may not be filled with shopping, reading, listening and more – I thought I would highlight a few of the items I’ve been loving lately. Similar to Kaylee’s midday musings or Meghan’s must-have cosmetics, here is a glimpse …

Who to see at NXNE?

“What’s… en-ex-en-ee?” Don’t feel bad, we’ve all asked that at some point. If you’ve spent an hour in Toronto this past month, you’ve inevitably wondered about these letters – NXNE – that are splattered all over subway stations, cafe bulletins and street posts. Maybe you’ve even mouthed them aloud to yourself quietly in confusion. And if you’ve …