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10 NXNE Shows You Don’t Want To Miss

As easy as it is to scan the lengthy list of appearances at Toronto’s week-long music, art, film, interactive and comedy festival and pick out the big bill names – […]

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Bluesfest 2014: Who are YOU excited for?

We’re big fans of RBC’s Ottawa Bluesfest around these parts. With three of us having grown up in Ottawa and the other two having lived here throughout University, Bluesfest has […]

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5 New Albums to Get Your Hands On Now

Like some people with their Starbucks card (cough – Kaylee), I like to keep my iTunes account stocked with plenty of credit to go towards new tunes. These past two […]

In a Nutshell: The Best of 2011

Looking back over our first year of writing, learning and growing together, it seems we have come a long way from our very first primative posts. It’s funny how we’ve each developed […]

Rock Fashion Muse

I think that for the most part, any big music lover’s life features the dream, or at least the curious interest in, someday becoming a rock star themselves. This dream doesn’t require any […]