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Home Cooking: Mmm-mm Good

One of the things people often say when they hear I’m vegetarian (and have been trying vegan on for size over the past month) – is how it must take up a […]

Veggie Tales

As a relatively new vegetarian, who has coincidentally been cooking and eating mostly vegan meals as well (funny how that happens) –I’ve come to realize several things. 1. I’ve never felt […]


Trick or (Delicious) Treat!

For those readers who know me well, you know that I adore Holidays. And, Halloween is definitely one of my favourites. Not only do I love dressing up, but I […]

Food after Thanksgiving

Many of us spent the weekend up to our elbows in turkey, cranberry sauce,mash potatoes, stuffing and all of the other wonderful turkey dinner trimmings. Add a slice of pumpkin […]

Help! I’m in a Nutshell

So we had a slightly premature start to the week yesterday with three posts, and now that it’s Tuesday, we’ve come up dry. But never fear, there’s a video I’ve […]

Supper for the Super Social

Time is of the essence. An age-old saying which could be the motto for this stage in my life. A twenty-something woman has a lot on her plate. A lot […]


Kicking the Carbs

I am the ultimate meat & potatoes girl. The simplicity of pairing a good steak with a baked potato sums up my favourite dinner. (Seriously, if you go check my […]

5 Minutes to Mouthwatering

You can characterize my life by the following four words: always. on. the. go. I’m often praised, teased and criticized for the amount of hours I spend working or flying […]