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Why Haute Couture Matters

To the uninformed, Haute Couture may seem like the least important form of fashion; unrealistic, elitist, over the top. In fact, it remains one of the most intriguing art forms of […]


Peaks of the Week

This past week/weekend was filled with lots of highlights – from the kick off of Ottawa Bluesfest, to heart-warming weddings, bike rides, and sipping mojitos under the sun – these things and […]


Peaks of the Week

As we kick off the weekend and the end of June, we’re once again looking back at the highlights from this past week – Jess snapped a gorgeous photo of […]

Friday’s Fashion Fix

Sometimes, rather than gazing at your ideal outfit, or one that you could only wish to duplicate, it’s nice to simply draw inspiration from your surroundings. The weather, a blossoming […]