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Tips & Tricks for Making the Most of the Ottawa Wine & Food Festival

It’s that time of year! Ottawa Wine and Food Festival time! This is an event that we look forward to each and every year, not only because we have an […]

Summer Punch

Eat, Drink, Spring!

Ok guys, this is not a drill. The warm weather is actually here (finally). Although we’ve seen some brisk temperatures over the past few weeks, the daily “highs” are now […]


Peaks of the Week

Mere weeks after tragedy unfolded at Ottawa’s War Memorial, Remembrance Day had an emotionally poignant significance in the capital this year. Unable to make it downtown for the ceremony, Catherine […]


Looking forward to fall in Ottawa

Arguably one of the most beautiful seasons to grace the Ottawa region, Fall sometimes comes with a little bit of haste. As the days get shorter, our schedules get busier […]


Announcing the WINNER: Ottawa Wine & Food Show tickets

Last nigh, the Ottawa nuts were especially lucky to have Jess grace the capital with her presence. A rare treat! What naturally ensued was a buffet of drinks, laughs, hot […]