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Takeout Sign


If you’re from Ottawa, then you are likely familiar with El Camino. Located on Elgin Street, this tasty place opened up a few years back and has been a consistent […]

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Fauna of Ottawa

fau·na ˈfônə,ˈfänə noun 1. the animals of a particular region, habitat, or geological period.    “the flora and fauna of Siberia”     synonyms: wildlife, animals, living creatures    “She […]

In a nutshell with Andrew James Eades

INDULGE – DREAM – ESCAPE Those are the three words that Executive Chef Andrew James Eades (more affectionately known as “Bubba”) uses to describe the soon-to-open Moscow Tea Room. The […]



From relentlessly positive buzz surrounding Preston Street’s newest late night eatery, 2/5 nuts and an esteemed guest diner (Alex Sirois) decided it was about time to take a peek at […]