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Toronto Track: Wildlife’s “Born to Ruin”

  I’m very comfortable around people. I love people. But, without showing it, I’m ashamed to admit I can also get a little star struck from time to time. If […]


Artist to Watch: St. Lucia

  At least once a day, a song flips on the ol’ iPhone, stereo or radio station and I wonder to myself, ‘How is this not huge yet?’ It’s the […]


90s Kids On The Block

Jessie Spano’s caffeine pill meltdown. Gushers. Dance Mix ’95. The end of the 80s. These were all memorable things to emerge from the 90s – the haphazard time-child of the […]


The Sheepdogs: Rocking A New Release

The deep American South. Origin of some of the greatest classic rock of the century; everything ranging from Marshall Tucker Band to Lynyrd Skynyrd and Charlie Daniels – all twangy strum-savvy legends whose bluesy tales finally decorated the airwaves after being carried in their empty, lovelorn and tattered back pockets. Saskatoon. Not exactly the origin of …


Album Review: Cat Power is back with ‘Sun’

When contemporary rock queen Cat Power, born Chan Marshall, emerged from the depths of her spiralling stage anxiety and substance abuse in 2008 with Jukebox, her last release of cover […]

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September New Music Preview

Did anyone else look at their calendar this week, puzzled? It doesn’t seem quite right that August is half over, the days are slowly going to get shorter and the ease of wandering out the front door with no sleeves or pant legs are things we should start cherishing before they’re no more. The upside of August …


Summer 2012 Albums: Five Must Hear Releases

As listeners, we were spoiled with the plethora of shiny new albums that hit the shelves this past winter – and we’re bound to get another dose this upcoming fall, when some of the musical greats have announced they will shell out even more long-awaited singles and LPs. So what about the summer albums of …

The New Woman

“I’m obsessively opposed to the typical.” I’ll give you one guess as to which outrageous megastar lives by those words. Protruding cheek bones, male alter-egos, fluorescent wigs, girl-on-girl stage appearances […]

Fall Music Preview

Fall is quickly approaching and before we know it, influxes of new autumn albums are going to drop with the leaves. The beginning of summer and beginning of fall are some […]