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Look Legit, Feel Legit: The New Nutshell!

Just like a fresh coat of paint, a wardrobe change, or a new job…everything needs a little boost from time to time. After a year and a half of scrumptious […]


Happy Birthday Meg!

Well, the wonderful week of birthdays on in a nutshell continues. Today, our dear Mother Hen Meghan Brown, turns 24 years-old – and we couldn’t be prouder! After a year of incredible accomplishments (finishing her Master’s, traveling, moving up in her full-time job, to name a few), Meghan deserves nothing more than praise and celebration. We can …

All I Want for Christmas…

You know when you’re spending a sunny Saturday morning with your best friends, chatting, sipping coffee, laughing uncontrollably, sauntering around, linking arms, and sometimes, posing on a bench..? Don’t you […]

Meggo, The Eggo

Happy Birthday to another nut, our dearest Meghan! Even though all of us can’t be with you  today, we are all thinking of you on your 23rd !  Have a wonderful […]

Cooking in Kate’s Kitchen

One of my favourite things about my new apartment is the kitchen. It’s small yet functional and has ample counter space for working out, tweaking and perfecting new recipes. It […]