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Best Ever Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

So, it’s March. And… it’s still awful out. That is, if you’re living in or around our nation’s capital. Making it the coldest/longest winter on record in 20 years in […]


Looking forward to fall in Ottawa

Arguably one of the most beautiful seasons to grace the Ottawa region, Fall sometimes comes with a little bit of haste. As the days get shorter, our schedules get busier […]


Happy Quarter Century Kate: 25 reasons to love Lalu

  Girls don’t get birthdays. They get birthWEEKs. To be fair, it’s usually because the friends and family that surround them want to make the woman of the hour know […]


What We’ve Learned from In a Nutshell

After 2 years typing away at our computers/iPhones/Blackberries, at all hours of the day and night, we’ve learned a lot about blogging, time management, writing, promoting, and we’ve certainly learned […]


2 Years Later

A year ago today, the five of us came together to celebrate a milestone – the first anniversary of our little blog that could. And here we are, another year […]

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Tzatziki Salad

Throughout a weekend away to Quebec City with some wonderful women, plenty of drinks and an array of delicious restaurants at my fingertips, I have to admit that my usual […]

Branca Unico

Drink Report: Fernet Branca

Last night, as I poured the last drop of wine from the bottle into my customers glass, he asked me for another round.  In response  I asked what he had in […]


Week of Gift Guides: For your Foodie Friend

1. DEAN & DELUCA  Herb and Spice Rack $105-165 For any urban foodie, a stylish spice rack is a coveted item. This DEAN & DELUCA display is pretty and stores […]

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You know you’re best friends when…

1. You remember important milestones in their lives, like breakups, moves, trips and birthdays, better than they do. 2. Your computers have secret folders filled with ugly/embarrassing/inappropriate photos of you, […]


Midday Musings

In need of a little midday distraction? Well just like Katie’s divorce lawyer, I’m here to save the day! Behold, midday musings in a nutshell. American Apparel, more vintage than ever Thankfully, American Apparel is not in the news for the usual underage teen advertising issue. Quite the contrary in fact. Meet Jacky, a grey-haired …