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Happy Three Year Anniversary, In a Nutshell!

Three. Years. Seems hard to believe that an idea built over a few glasses of wine has turned into a blog people bookmark, share, see on television. More than that, […]


An open letter to the people of Toronto (and everywhere else) …

In a nutshell is exactly 40% Torontonian. Two out of the five nuts not only call it their home, but just ask them and they’ll tell you how completely enamored […]

ottawa summer bucket list

Savouring summer before it slips by

The summer months in Ottawa are far too short.  Unlike other Canadian cities where Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer are experienced in relatively equal proportions, Ottawa endures long (and if […]


Our television debut! … In a nutshell.

So we know that we are absolutely bombarding the social media universe with our excitement over this morning’s events, but we had an absolute blast on CTV Ottawa Morning Live, […]