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What We’ve Learned from In a Nutshell

After 2 years typing away at our computers/iPhones/Blackberries, at all hours of the day and night, we’ve learned a lot about blogging, time management, writing, promoting, and we’ve certainly learned […]


On Valentine’s Day, Be In Love With All The Right People

Have you ever sat down to a brunch with your friends and verbally rewarded your new flame or long-time lover a medal for doing something relatively simple, in concept; making […]


Girls – Where’s the love?

This past weekend, the nuts reunited in Toronto for a two-day lovefest where we danced the night away at The Drake, munched on out of this world tacos at La Carnita, […]

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You know you’re best friends when…

1. You remember important milestones in their lives, like breakups, moves, trips and birthdays, better than they do. 2. Your computers have secret folders filled with ugly/embarrassing/inappropriate photos of you, […]


Five Friends…

TGIF, nuts! As you’ll note from our “About Us” section – us five gals are very rarely in the same vicinity, which is one of the most wonderful perks of having […]


The end is…here?

Well friends, inanutshell is almost a year old. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! If you’ve been following along, you know that I’ve been working away, attempting to […]

It’s the little things …

Most holidays give you time to reflect a little on what you have to be thankful for. In my eyes, Easter is no exception. As we prepare for family dinners, […]


When The Going Gets Tough…

Most of the time, it’s easy for me to know that I lead a wonderful life and am incredibly blessed. But sometimes, just like everyone else, I get in a […]

Toronto, Be Good To Her!

One of our nuts is embarking on (yet another!) exciting journey today, but this one doesn’t involve backpacks, temporary camps or hostels – it involves a new city and new home! Congratulations […]

In a Nutshell: The Best of 2011

Looking back over our first year of writing, learning and growing together, it seems we have come a long way from our very first primative posts. It’s funny how we’ve each developed […]