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Fairouz Ottawa

Ottawa has gone through a dry spell this year. There have been few restaurant openings and even fewer who have made a really big splash. So, when you discover an […]

br epic

Brunch Club: Friends with Benedicts

It’s a well-known fact that Brunch is the best meal going. Breakfast? For suckers. Lunch? For punks. Dinner? Forget about it. Brunch is that sweet spot, where a breakfast sandwich […]


Vedge: The Plant-Based Food Trend of 2016

An average menu in Ottawa consists of many things: a few seafood dishes, a handful of meat and poultry options, some side dishes and, usually, a couple of vegetarian options.  […]


Eatery Hopping

Last week, I met a couple of tourists visiting Ottawa for the fifth time. Standing in line, waiting for our daily dose of java, I discerned a strong southern accent […]

Eat Cobra

By sharing this with you, I am jeopardizing my chance to ever experience the opportunity to “Eat Cobra”. In a nutshell,  that’s how much I love our readers. . . What happens when the best […]