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Peaks of the Week

Last week was all about family for Catherine. She hopped in the car to visit her adorable niece (a recurring peak), received the professional photos from her brother’s wedding and visited […]

Pet Collage2

The PetSafe Canada Giveaway Winner is…

Last week, we hosted a giveaway in partnership with PetSafe Canada dedicated to the furry friends in our lives, with $200 worth of goodies for one lucky reader with even […]

Pet Collage2

GIVEAWAY: For the Pets in Your Life

It’s safe to say that the nuts are animal obsessed. We have our fair share of pet related stories, from doggy rescues to puppy Kindergarten and journeys with cuddly new babies. Three of the […]

Puppy Love

Impulse purchases, rash decisions, uttering words I wish I hadn’t – these are each apart of my everyday existence. I’m not the type to sit around contemplating and dwelling, wondering if I should have bought it, if I should return it or whether I should do this or try that. This is a character trait …


Pet Peeve of the Week

Subject: How my Kitten turned me into a Crazy Cat Lady Recently, my boyfriend and I embarked upon a new adventure – we purchased a kitten. Had you told me […]