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Happy Birthday Cat! Welcome to your party…

Today, our little kitty Cat, Cat Paw, Miz Catherine Boo, Catty Boo, Catherine J. Kitts, Catlink…turns 24. We couldn’t be prouder of our “Boo” as she approaches the mid-twenties mark; she’s […]

JT, we miss thee!

Today is bittersweet day here on in a nutshell. We are paying tribute to our dear friend and one of in a nutshell’s biggest supporters, Jenn Tod, on her 24th […]

A Girl Who Gives Us Wings!

Today is a day to pay tribute to one of our dearest friends and greatest supporters, the birthday girl, the first 24 year-old in our close-knit group of friends, the […]

Friday’s Fashion Fix

I often find that no matter how many magazines and blogs I’ve browsed, best friends are the greatest form of style inspiration. I would be lying if I said I […]

Hey Rosetta! Did you see us?

Before us nuts froze our little behinds off in the pounding Bluesfest rain last Friday, we wandered over to see Hey Rosetta! come together at The Hard Rock Stage for […]

All Kinds of Bling

You know those moments when you’re browsing through a store and one item jumps out at you and immediately makes you think of your best friend? Well, this happens to […]