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Peachy Pairings

The summer heat brings with it such room for improvement, so many new possibilities, not to mention, countless new elements to our wardrobes. In a season that’s synonymous with all activities in the great outdoors, there’s no better time to perfect the outfits we’ll be wearing on patios, in parks, and on bikes. Seasonal staples …

Made in Canada

It’s that time of year! July 1st long weekend, when we celebrate everything our exceptional country has to offer; there are countless fireworks, bottomless kegs, royal visits, red and white […]

All Kinds of Bling

You know those moments when you’re browsing through a store and one item jumps out at you and immediately makes you think of your best friend? Well, this happens to […]

Spring Shopping List

I can preach about wearing heels everywhere and throwing on a dress instead of jeans all day long, but practically speaking, I know that’s not ideal. I’m speaking to the […]