Wishing you all a very Happy Canada Day, from the proud Canadian girls behind our little Canadian blog.

We know you’re out celebrating, and we are too! So check back in tomorrow and catch up on five different Canada-Day-related posts from your favourite nuts.

Here are a few of our memorable C-Day moments from our university years for your viewing pleasure:

Kaylee practices her witchcraft ... I mean, sets off a firework from her rooftop patio

Patriotic to the core ... Kate & I pretty much painted our hostel red and white in Australia and had people from all over the world join the Canada Day fun! 2008

Jess & I pose with a group of pals at one of the infamous "467" parties - where there was only 100s of people in attendance and dancing on cars in the parking lot was encouraged, 2009

Not quite a Canada Day moment - but Meg, Kaylee and I toast to Team Canada's gold medal win! Beers in hand, it doesn't get more Canadian than that!

So eat a poutine, down a pitcher, set off a sparkler and most of all be proud, safe and – as always – classy, Canada… in a nutshell.

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