Monday Movie Music Moment

Today’s music moment is a little less famous than some of the others, or perhaps it’s one you’ve seen but forgot afterward – but I personally never did. The film Stranger Than Fiction was actually welcomed with open arms upon its release because of its artistically interesting concept and stacked cast, and even if I don’t reach to watch it once a week – there is one scene that always stands out in my head.

My love could (most likely) stem from the fact that the 2006 dark-ish comedy picked up on one of my favourite old Brit-punk singles, which is one you would never expect to get much Hollywood airtime. Although the 1977 track “Whole Wide World” is from the thrashy era of new wave rock emergence, it really is such a pretty melody that gets bigger with every growl of Wreckless Eric‘s fantasy lyrics. The movie, which actually was best known musically for using most of the band Spoon’s discography to decorate its soundtrack and score, follows Harold Crick (Ferrell), a hum-drum IRS auditor who begins to hear a writer’s voice (Emma Thompson) narrating his life as it happens – causing him to seek out the help of a famous literature professor (Dustin Hoffman) to determine if his life story is a comedy or tragedy. In the midst of this bizarre situation, Harold finds himself prompted to live his life more colourfully by pursuing love, releasing his inhibitions and tackling the reasons that have held him back from this all along.

During this scene, Harold finally gets some alone time with an independent baker and his love interest Ana (Maggie Gyllenhaal), who is finally starting to warm up to the uptight man after he audited her small and disorganized business. This scene kind of encompasses the heartwarming message behind this lovely little film, as it encourages us to write our own story ending, even if it feels like it might be a little too late sometimes.

Happy Monday! Also, isn’t it nice to see the softer side of funny man Ferrell? I sure think so!

Interested in the original non-Ferrell version? Check it out here. Love.

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