Monday Movie Music Moment

I’d like to think that I have fairly decent taste in films; I generally try to seek out a worthwhile flick instead of constantly recycling old favourites or only patrolling the popular new comedy section at the video store. But that being said, I am in no way ashamed to say that one of my all-time favourite movies is Superbad. Seriously. Very few things in life are as funny as the 2007 script written for Michael Cera (token awkward dorky kid) and Jonah Hill (typical crude funny man) – which is why any opportunity I have to watch it again, quote it, or discuss its hilarity…I generally take it.

This scene stands out as hands down one of the most knee-slapping Michael Cera moments in the movie. The whole movie, which is based around a typically high school concept – two boys who want to do the dirty deed with girls that they like so they volunteer to buy alcohol for everybody to drink at an upcoming party – is one big flurry of chaos and discomfort. So, it’s perfect that in this scene, Evan, the bumbling and out-of-place quiet guy gets accidentally shuffled into a room with drug dealers and tough guys at a party he has been trying to leave. Separated from Hill, Evan is perfectly anxious enough until the dealers question who he is and assume he’s a friend’s brother who’s also a very good singer.

In order to keep his cool and avoid a rumble, they pressure him to sing for them and out of fear – he does. And the song he picks – These Eyes by The Guess Who – slays me every time. Take it away, Michael.

*Viewer discretion: Swearing and drug-use ahead – but who notices anyway? Michael Cera is chanelling Burton Cummings.

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