City Slickers

As young girls, I think most of us grew up idolizing the bike-riding, slumber party-hosting teenage girl clans of Now & Then and The Babysitters Club, who symbolized the independence we aspired to obtain or the adventures we someday knew we’d take.

I remember fawning over that innocent self-autonomy, but also taking it to the next level as a little gal (nut) who was so excited for freedom and womanhood in the big city. I vividly remember imagining the year when I could put on dinner parties with extravagant meal options, fruity drinks, magical music and a beautiful skyline as the backdrop to my fashionable meandering guests. That was all fine and well, and very ambitious for a little thing, but highly unlikely and in no way feasible at that time.

Well, newsflash nuts – it’s not such a wild and crazy thought now. I’m not suggesting any of us live the high life with a disposable income and a lengthy list of A-list services at our fingertips. But we’ve entered into the viewing pleasure days of watching the new kind of independent, strong women who mirror our personalities and desires the way those mischievous tomboys did a decade ago. Now, we’re accustomed to the swanky and stylish freedom portrayed by Sex and the City sort-of-characters – who seem to explore a new corner of Manhattan every night with the help of gourmet cuisine, outrageous couture and storybook real estate. They’ve made it seem utterly delicious to be a part of an eclectic metropolis where the options are limitless. So, alas, we are simply excitable young professionals enjoying the liberties that come with slowly acquiring our own apartments, developing our particular tastes by the day, and entertaining new and old friends by the night. We have the budding vigour of young gals excited to tackle the city by putting on our best duds, dressing up our digs, serving up a meal and a hosting one hell of a party.

So, for all of you equally as vivacious young broads – here is what I consider to be one of the most important ingredients to your exciting life in the city, and your even more exciting role as hostess to some not-so-unattainable wild and crazy dreams. Here is a colourful look into some classically upbeat and trendy tunes; some wonderful acid jazz grooves that will weave wonderfully through the bodies swaying in the summer heat of your home as you host martinis and, in a nutshell, a whole lot of fabulousness.

I’ll be in Toronto this week, getting lost in the neon skyline with friends in between meetings, and I know these will be the chic tunes filling my timetable:

Girl from Ipanema – Stan Getz (NASA remix)

                         Back to Black (cover) – Ronnie Spektor of The Ronnettes

Groove Factory Theme – DJ Rodriguez

Pennies from Heaven – Billy Holiday (Count De Money remix)

Sing Sing – G-Swing

Richest Man in Babylon – Thievery Corporation