Roller Derby Saved My Soul

Last night at the Arts Court in downtown Ottawa,  Roller Derby Saved My Soul proved itself once more. After a successful run at the Fringe Festival this year, scooping up the Best in Fest award as well as the Juror’s Honourable Mention, director Tania Levy decided to give this one-man show another shot and Ottawa, you should be happy about it.

The play begins with Amy, a delusional thirty year old,  lost in the fantasy world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It is clear that Amy is completely unsatisfied with her life as she works as a customer service assistant and doesn’t remember what it feels like to be in love; however, she does not seem to have the drive or the interest in improving her station. Instead, she lives vicariously through superheroes. Finally, after some coaxing from her kid sister, June, Amy pursues a hobby that she never would have imagined: roller derby. It turns out that roller derby is exactly what Amy has been missing for the better part of thirty years as she is jump started into a new-found confidence with every spin of her roller skates.

Nancy Kenny’s performance as Amy “Grindhouse” is completely engaging. From the moment she sets foot on stage, to her final rolls around the “roller rink”, Kenny’s interactive style of acting keeps the audience right by her side. She is believable, she is hilarious and she is the reason why “this little play that could” keeps on keeping on. For a truly outstanding display of acting, Roller Derby is a show not to be missed.

Check it out at the Arts Court this weekend, tickets can be purchased on site.