Precious Piles


There’s a limit to how many blazers, jeans or T-shirts every wardrobe needs. If you’ve got the right fits and styles, your collection can last you over several seasons.  But if I were writing an essay that called for a thesis, I would argue that you can never have too many accessories. There’s no cap to the number of bangles, studs, rings or pendants one needs; from vintage finds to family gems and even that costume jewelry that gets you by, I truly believe that no one is ever completely satisfied with their collection. I’d probably cite Rachel Zoe, Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivia Palermo as my sources here.

For us apartment-jumping, city-moving, traveling, never style-compromising ladies, it can be very challenging to keep our jewels in order. Even those drawer-organizers that we were so proud to purchase are now cluttered, dirty and basically serving no purpose at all. Here comes that essay-writing again, I bring you, my solution: accessories as decor. If we’re willing to use these items to adorn our bodies, then why not have them serve a double purpose as home furnishings?

Not only will you be able show off your latest finds, but keeping your jewels in sight will force you to keep them somewhat in order. Here are some easy steps to accessory organization, with the help of my very own possessions and those small things that help me keep them presentable.

1. De-clutter:

Detangle necklaces / Group bangles

2. Hang:

Hooks from Urban Outfitters are cute and functional

Necklaces organized into: Gold / Silver / Color

3. Reinvent:

An Eiffel tower-shaped vase becomes the perfect site for stacked bangles

Vintage finds and other keepsakes make for eye-catching jewelry stands

4. Do the obvious:

A jewelry box does its job efficiently: find the perfect size and look, and it won't disappoint!

All in all, it should be second nature to keep some of our most precious pieces in safe and orderly spots, but we’re not all perfect, and we don’t always keep these things high on our priority list. If you’ve got a free afternoon, spend some time sifting through your accessories; you may just find something hidden under the dust and the lone earrings, that you never knew you had. In conclusion (final essay component), there’s nothing better than adding a bit of organization to your daily routine, and I would suspect that your styling habits will grow as a result!

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  1. ceritaerna says:

    Nice article! very usefull , as I always find it’s difficult to manage all the little things like jewelry, stationatry, etc. ^^

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